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Over the last few months we have been asking our patients for their feedback.  You may have received the questionnaire and provided the team with encouraging information to help us understand the improvements we need to review to ensure the smooth running of our practice.

  • You raised concerns that the telephone system was not providing an efficient service.

We installed a 21st Century telephone system, August 2022.  This provides the team with vital data to ensure that our patients are responded too in a timely manner, it offers patients the option to have a call back and also provides a recording of the telephone call.  This has significantly reduced patient call waiting times.

  • We appreciated your comments regarding an additional GP on site

We have recruited a further GP to provide additional support and reduce waiting times for appointments.

  • Your feedback raised concerns that extra staff were needed in the reception team

We have recently employed an additional member of the reception team, this will provide further support during our busy call times and we ae currently recruiting for a further 2 members of staff to join our team. 

  • Requests have been made for additional, routine pre-bookable appointments.

We have reviewed the pre-bookable appointment system and changes have been implemented.  Routine, pre-bookable appointments are released every Monday for the following two weeks. Due to the changes we have made, pre-bookable appointments ae currently in line with the National Standards on appointment waiting times.