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The aims of the policy are to ensure:

  • all information held at the Practices about patients is confidential, whether held electronically or in hard copy
  • other information about the Practices (for example its financial matters, staff records) is confidential
  • staff will by necessity have access to such confidential information from time to time


The policy applies to all employees and partners, and also applies in principle* to other people who work at the three practices e.g. self-employed staff, temporary staff and contractors – collectively referred to herein as ‘workers’.

*Practices should ensure that workers who are not employees are aware of and agree to abide by this policy in principle. In cases calling for action, and if the worker is an employee of another organisation (e.g. an agency), the worker's employer should also be involved


Invites applications from patients to volunteer for Committee membership or to help with one of our projects. No experience is required. Please email us directly at